Stefan A. Wypchol

Account Director
One Rosedale Road, suite 302,
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4W 2P1
Tel/Ph: +1 647 968 4922
Fax: +1 416.944.3010
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Born in England and now living in Canada for 40 years, Stefan's career took him from Winnipeg to Montreal and now Toronto, where he develops, advises and supports Opus Design's customer base outside Quebec.    

Throughout his career, Stefan was passionately involved in the fields of visual display, design, fashion and event planning.  He has held a number of executive positions for top companies like Eaton's, Birks, Ricki's and The Bay.  

An active member of the company since day one, Stefan is a mentor with remarkable rigour and professionalism.  

Dynamic and interested, Stefan seizes every opportunity to fuel his creativity in order to constantly give new ideas to his customers.  He views each creative challenge with an unexpected twist and he will surely surprise you!